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The Doom Patrol: Eight Marines on a Suicide Mission in Vietnam

Jack WellsApril 2019 Orignal Story Posted: In February 1968, eight Marines volunteered for a suicide mission After 32 casualties during the first 30 hours of Operation Pursuit, initiated in mid-February 1968 by the 1st Marine Division to search for enemy rocket caches in the mountains west of Da Nang,Lt. Col. Bill Davis ordered Charlie … Read More

The Legend of Suicide Charley

COMPANY C, 1ST BATTALION, 7TH MARINES, AND THE BATTLE FOR HENDERSON FIELD, 24–25 OCTOBER 1942 By: Major Gary Gozzens, USMCR (Retired) The 1st Marine Division (1st MarDiv) landed on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, on 7 August 1942, and during the next four months, the division participated in an ongoing fight to prevent the Japanese from recapturing … Read More

After Action Report We Were Soldiers 14-16 November 1965

When I was going through and cleaning out some of my saved military documents (classes, pme, MCI’s, etc) I came across this unique document named “We Were Soldiers After Action Report”. Thinking that I’ve never actually opened it, could this document actually be the true report? Once I opened it up, I was amazed to … Read More