Suicide Charley Bottle Opener

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The official Suicide Charley Post-Mission (Drink of Choice) opening tool:

For authorized users only. This hand-enameled official Suicide Charley Post-Mission Opening Tool Type 1 meets all unofficially permitted rules and conventions for commandeering and denying the use of specified defensive devices for optimal de-inhibition suspensions, solutions, colloids, and emulsions.

For the civilians: This great Suicide Charley bottle opener meets all mission requirements for popping tops and garnering smiles. Featuring the famous Suicide Charley Skull and Crossbones on one side, and the Marine Corps emblem on the reverse, this is the tool of choice for the times when you need to go IFR and avoid unacceptable mission degradation.

Material: Nickel Antique with Enamel

Size: 1 3/8 inch x 2 1/2 inch (35mm x 63mm) Dog Tag

Struck in a nickel alloy and hand-enameled in bold colors on both sides, this unique bottle opener meets and exceeds all performance requirements.

*** Price Increase *** Due to current economic conditions: The coin minting company has decided to raise prices.

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